Higher education in Spain

Spanish higher education is not only prestigious and interesting, but also affordable. Let’s talk about how to get into a Spanish university and whether you should expect to enroll foreigners. And also about the prospects for those wishing to move to this country, the presence of a Spanish university diploma. Higher education in Spain can be described in a few words: accessible to all, interesting and promising. According to the service Quacquarelli Symonds, which made up the top 50 universities in the world, 3 universities in Spain can be attributed to the best (they were included in the ranking).

Who can become a student in Spain

Anyone with good knowledge of English or Spanish can become a student of Spanish university. Students in siesta country can study in several languages. If you do not know Spanish, you can take advantage of your knowledge of English. But Spanish is still a priority. You can apply for admission to a Spanish university without an entrance test:

  • Exchange students (there must be an agreement between the educational institutions, an exchange program);
  • Graduates from any country with an International Baccalaureate Diploma;
  • People with a higher education diploma who wish to continue their studies in Spain at the Master’s level.

In all other cases, entrance examinations must be taken. Usually there are 3 compulsory subjects and one in any discipline chosen by the applicant. The exams are for foreigners wishing to study in Spain:

  • Spanish language;
  • Foreign language (Italian, French, German, Portuguese or English);
  • History of Spain or philosophy;
  • 4th exam – by choice.

Availability of higher education and prospects for residence permit in Spain

Having completed higher education in Spain, it is easier to apply for a residence permit and citizenship. After studying at a university in Spain, you can make acquaintances and even start working. Having a Spanish diploma will allow you to easily find work in this country. Having a job is a direct way to obtain a residence permit, and then citizenship. Such a simple pattern. In addition, after 3 years of residence in Spain on a student long-term visa can be extended with a residence permit:

  • With the right to work for hire;
  • The right to run a business;
  • It is possible to apply for a residence permit after 3 years of settling as a student.

How to become a student?

The easiest way for those who decided to buy property in Spain and became the owner of their own apartment or house in Barcelona, Madrid or any other city. If the value of the acquired property is more than 500 thousand euros, the residence permit is given automatically. This, in turn, facilitates entry into university, as the list of required documents is reduced: you already have a visa, the right to stay in the country and housing. For example, you can contact mallorca property agents and they will help you find real estate in this region. It is very easy to do now. Documents that you need to have in hand to obtain a student visa and study at the University of Spain:

  • Confirmation of financial solvency (the account should be at least 6 thousand euros, better – 8-10);
  • Invitation from the university (with confirmed payment);
  • Available documents on education obtained (with translation and apostille);
  • Medical insurance policy;
  • Certificates: no criminal record and on Form No. 082/0 (medical);
  • Confirmation of accommodation;
  • Marriage and Birth Certificate (with translation and apostille).

After receiving an education in Spain and an internship in European companies, a graduate of a Spanish university raises his status. And as in any other country, as well as in Spain itself, where higher education is also considered prestigious and respected.