Global Partnerships Donor Visit

FODEMI had the visit of a group of collaborators and donors from Global Partnerships, an institution that became a strategic partner of the organization after the signing of the first loan agreement in 2008.

The objective of his visit is to give donors the opportunity to see the human face of microfinance, through visits to clients of MFIs such as FODEMI that Global Partnerships supports. During these visits, it is hoped to have a frank conversation with clients, seeking a better understanding of the impact of microfinance on their lives.

For the development of the above, FODEMI planned a two-day agenda that included a visit to the headquarters where General Manager Luis Ríos made the institutional presentation, to achieve a better knowledge of the organization, its products, services, clients, methodologies and important aspects of operation.

They visited clients in the place where each one has their own business (left photo), the criteria for their choice were motivated by the variety of businesses so that different micro-businesses could be appreciated. Certain clients were from rural areas, others from urban areas with the aim of coming into contact with different standards of living. Credit amounts varied and clients were in different loan stages.

They also attended the meeting of a communal bank (right photo) made up of 10 women in the Cambugán community of the city of Otavalo, where they had the opportunity to observe the normal functioning of this type of meeting in this methodology.

Finally, they were present at the training workshop that FODEMI provides to its clients as a non-financial service as part of the micro-entrepreneur development process and thanks to the social commitment of our organization.